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Rebate & Redemption Programs

Our advanced systems ensure prompt, accurate rebate payments to maximize participant satisfaction. They also fight fraud and optimize cash flow management to enhance your ROI.

From program development to claims validation to online tracking and reporting, our modular approach to program design makes it easy to deploy a successful B2B rebate program. What's more, we can easily customize program deliverables — participant websites, rebate claim forms, online reporting, etc. — with your brand look and feel. This agility — combined with our consultative, agency-style approach — allows you to roll out a custom, brand-building rebate program. This enables you to impact sales quickly while reducing the time you have to spend managing program details.

Typical rebate program activities we handle for you:

  • Proof-of-purchase / points submission and validation
  • Management of invalid submissions
  • Weekly processing of check runs for efficient 2 to 3-week turnaround
  • Online account tracking and redemption reports for participants
  • Online reporting, including information on claims submitted, funds balances, points submitted, etc.
  • Automated alerts for you, such as emails notifying of a minimum funds balance
  • Reminder mailings, emails, post-program follow-ups, surveys, etc.
  • 24/7 customer service center

Note: Northwest Fulfillment does not process retail coupons or retail rebates. We'll be most effective putting together a B2B rebate program where your goal is to learn about and impact your customer's long-term purchasing habits.

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