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Product Launches

Product launches place overwhelming demands on product teams, marketing executives, and sales and channel representatives. Yet delays by any one of these groups can derail the efforts of the entire organization. With the cost of failure so high, why trust the mission-critical function of fulfillment to inexperienced mail room or administrative personnel?

Northwest Fulfillment offers product launch fulfillment capabilities developed over more than 50 national and global product launches. We've created a systematized methodology that ensures an accurate, professional, on-time presentation of your product launch materials.

Rigorous logistics systems and automated scheduling controls keep your launch on schedule and on target. Proactive reporting provides you with real-time visibility into all activities and deliverables, reducing the burden of project management. And agile technology ensures we can respond rapidly to last-minute changes / requests.

Typical product launch activities we handle for you:

  • Launch logistics planning
  • Materials printing
  • Vendor coordination and scheduling
  • Customer service phone / email support
  • Product launch collations, assemblies and shipments (for example, "meetings-in-a-box")
  • Staggered shipments by recipient based on launch calendar
  • Variable shipment configurations by recipient
  • Ongoing promotional materials shipping
  • Scheduled reminder mailings, emails, etc.
  • Online reporting for participants to track their shipments
  • Online reporting for your team to track shipments and inventory in real-time
  • Storage and management of product launch inventory

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