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Inventory Management

Most fulfillment providers use off-the-shelf, third-party software that puts the workload on your shoulders. You have to actively monitor numerous reports in order of avoid out-of-stocks, overstocks, expired items, missed revisions, etc.

Northwest Fulfillment is different.

Our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) is purpose-built to deliver intelligent, dynamic "just-in-time" inventory management. It automatically logs, tracks, and monitors versions and expiration dates. Instead of a conventional minimum-maximum methodology*, an outdated approach which doesn't take into account actual usage, our technology platform monitors inventory levels daily. The system then uses intelligent algorithms to accurately forecast inventory levels up to 90 days into the future. When action is needed, the system sends proactive email and text alerts to the designated contact person.

The administrative time savings are significant. Based on parameters you define at setup, the system automates decisions regarding how much inventory to purchase and when to place your order to maintain a specified inventory level. This allows you to:

  • Minimize inventory carrying costs
  • Frees up valuable cash for other business needs
  • Avoid last-minute printing and shipping that raise costs

In short, our technology platform makes it incredibly easy for you to maintain complete control over your inventory, and provides peace of mind that nothing will leave our facility that isn't right.

*We certainly allow for a min-max program but we recommend using our WMS system to determine stock levels based on the number of turns you specify.

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