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Pick, Pack & Ship

Northwest Fulfillment's advanced technology platform — embedded with more than 20 years of fulfillment, e-commerce, and distribution expertise — allows us to guarantee the highest level of accuracy for your e-commerce orders.

Orders are picked in one department and packaged for shipping in a separate department, enabling a second accuracy check at the packaging station. Then bar-coded pick tickets are scanned into our shipping systems to ensure accurate, on-time, delivery. Orders are accompanied by a packing list branded with your logo and identity to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Auto emails to your customers with shipment notification / links to tracking information
  • Web-based tracking of shipments for customers
  • USPS / FEDX / UPS automatic address correction
  • Customer service, phone and email
  • Product return management (Reverse Logistics)
  • 24/7 web access to real-time inventory levels / order status

Northwest Fulfillment's systems also allow us to offer flexible pick, pack, and ship options, based on your budget, operational requirements, and customer needs.

For example, we can process orders directly from your website or provide an e-commerce website for you. If you prefer to use your own website, we can connect your shopping cart directly into our advanced Warehouse Management System to speed order fulfillment while at the same time providing you with 24/7 web access to tracking and reporting on inventory status.

Or, if you wish to tap Northwest Fulfillment's sophisticated website and shopping cart development capabilities, our technology platform is highly customizable, so we can easily "skin" all elements — website, shopping cart, online reporting, etc. — with your brand look and feel.

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