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Marketing Literature

Whether you need to fulfill to customer requests with a few simple data sheets or a series of highly-sophisticated 3D kits, each containing multiple collateral elements, our B2B fulfillment platform is purpose built to maximize responsiveness, efficiency and value. It can accept requests from your website, or we can provide you with the online presence you need.

Our web-based reporting systems enable your sales reps and marketing staff to track, in real-time, the status of marketing materials which customers have requested. You can even set up proactive alerts to ensure that the right people are notified when action is required on their part, facilitating the sales process.

From initial design / planning to ROI reporting, our advanced platform speeds and streamlines the entire process, while reducing the administrative impact on you. And we offer three levels of account support to meet your operational and budgetary requirements.

Typical marketing literature fulfillment activities we handle for you:

  • Inventory storage / management
  • Customization / collation and assembly
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Global distribution
  • Customer service / support

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