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Northwest Fulfillment has developed sophisticated processes for efficiently co-packing drink powder packets to guarantee quality / freshness while reducing inventory costs through a ”just-in-time” inventory approach. These processes are also efficient when applied to co-packing projects that involve other multi-element products such as vitamins / supplements, oils / lotions / creams, cosmetics, etc.

Our advanced technology platform provides you with 24/7 web access to the inventory tracking / reports, while proactive alerts can notify you if action is needed. This 100% visibility into your product’s status, combined with our system of multiple audit points, weight verification, and random inspections based on ISO guidelines, lets you outsource this labor-intensive chore with confidence.

Typical co-packing activities we handle for you:

  • Lot control
  • Collation / custom assembly
  • Labeling (pre-ticketing, tagging [labeling specifics per retailer])
  • Labeling (EAN, UCC-128)
  • UPC / bar coding
  • Promotional inserts (brochures, flyers, stickers, etc.)
  • Box / palletize
  • Warehousing / inventory management
  • Distribution / shipping

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