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Northwest Fulfillment's technology platform offers many advantages for e-commerce fulfillment. In addition to offering the most accurate and streamlined fulfillment of e-commerce orders, we also provide flexible options, based on your budget, operational requirements, and customer needs.

Our software systems, purpose built for streamlined B2B fulfillment, are embedded with the intelligence acquired from our extensive e-commerce experience:

  • Provided fulfillment services and inbound customer service for a nationwide line of massage oils, lotions, creams (massage therapy industry)
  • Provided a company store for one of Idaho's leading healthcare groups
  • Provided a company store for a national foodservice manufacturer

Pick, Pack and Ship: Advanced technology platform-embedded with more than 20 years of fulfillment, e-commerce, and distribution expertise allows us to guarantee the highest level of accuracy for your orders.

Order Management: Leverage our high-tech systems to streamline and speed handling of all types order management, including back orders, RMAs, and returned inventory disposition.

Inventory Management: Our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) prevents out-of-stocks / overstocks, reduces carrying costs, smooth's production flow, and offers 24/7 web access to reporting that provides you with 100% visibility into inventory status.

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