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Northwest Fulfillment's technology platform helps streamline fulfillment for hospitals and healthcare facilities. For example, we provided a company store for one of Idaho's leading healthcare groups. We delivered an end-to-end solution, developing a website branded with their logo, colors, graphics and other brand elments and then fufilling e-commerce orders from the website.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities often handle significant stocks of collateral and branded promotional inventory. Our technology platform can help reduce waste and improve availability of these materials. By offloading this chore to us, you can realize significant benefits for your organization, like freeing up admin staff for other duties. With web-based reporting available 24/7 and proactive email and text alerts, you can maintain visibility and control while reducing project management overhead:

  • Sharply reduce storage requirements, freeing up space for more productive uses
  • Avoid out-of-stocks and minimize waste caused by the disposal of outdated collateral
  • Reduce inventory to save overhead and carrying costs

Marketing Programs: We develop websites, online workflows, and up-to-the-minute reporting systems that provide your team with the tools and data they need to drive results.

Sales Materials/Sales Support: Leading-edge technology platform enables us to offer "just-in-time" fulfillment of printed materials to reduce overhead costs and minimize project management time.

Final Assembly: Innovative systems ensure accuracy with multiple audit points, weight verification, and random inspections based on ISO guidelines.

Warehousing & Inventory: Climate-controlled, 14,000 square foot facility features high-tech capabilities like automated UPC barcoding to streamline operations and maximize precision.

E-Commerce: Northwest Fulfillment's technology platform can easily integrate with your web shopping cart to deliver accurate, rapid fulfillment of orders.

Shipping: Advanced systems evaluate numerous shipping options to optimally balance costs, delivery times and capacity. The bottom line? You can grow your revenues more rapidly while spending less time managing fulfillment projects.

The bottom line? You can grow your revenues more rapidly while spending less time managing fulfillment programs.

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